Hello, I’m Helen

A little bit about me… I’m a dietitian by trade, trained and living in the UK for the last 7 years but Ireland is where I call home.

As you probably have guessed much of this blog will be food based (of the healthy and unhealthy variety).

I am hoping to share articles, videos and pictures of things I find interesting and are up for discussion, but also some info of any projects I try my hand at. Feedback is always welcome, but please be kind.

Dietitians have been getting a bit of hard time recently in the media and blogs and in some cases understandably. Nutrition is a market where you have to be on your guard for the next craze of crazy and I feel dietitians, rightly and wrongly, have become very skeptical of  each “next big thing”.

So, what I am trying to do, for both you and me, is, with an open mind, have a little look at what’s trending and what evidence there is behind it. I read a lot of blogs and posts on “healthy eating” and the latest diet – many of which make me want to pull my hair out – so instead of just tutting and shaking my head at the screen I thought I would put my own opinion out there! I am not claiming to be an expert in all things of nutrition and my opinion is my own I am just hoping to “debunk” some myths and cut through some of the pseudoscience and marketing jargon that floods the internet – because just maybe, underneath all that, there is something worth reading.

Time for the disclaimer! Everyone’s health is individual and as such needs individualised attention, my words are not meant as advice to individuals and you should always consult with your own physician or dietitian before commencing any dietary or exercise regimes.


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